Chocolate Soufflés

I always considered soufflés as too fancy for me to make. Because all you hear about them is (please imagine French accent) „Dey’re not good if dey sink in“ and „Dey’re not good if dey don’t double in ‚eight“ and „It ‚as to be precisely dese measurements“.
When I thought of soufflés, I always imagined a scene from Charlie’s Angels (I was nine years old, please forgive me) where a perfectly looking soufflé slumps down along with a dramatic farting noise. As the punch line of a machinegun attack.
But I decided it’s time to finally try – and it worked out quite well. I got the recipe from here where you will also find some helpful tips.
This soufflé is flourless, which basically makes it some kind of baked chocolate mousse – chocolate, fluffy egg whites, egg yolk and sugar.

_MG_1115 _MG_1147 _MG_1151
You begin with melting your dark chocolate and butter and stirring it to a creamy ganache.

Butter your ramekins, sprinkle them with sugar and pop them into the fridge until needed.

_MG_1161 _MG_1167
Beat the egg whites until they develop stiff peaks. (Be careful, you can easily over beat them. Stiff peaks is the stage after soft peaks and before they turn veeery stiff and crumbly looking. You don’t want this to happen, or „de soufflés won’t be good“:P ) Look how beautiful these peaks are!

Combine your ganache and egg yolk.

Carefully fold in the egg whites in quarters, you need to maintain all the air that is trapped inside them, so your soufflés will rise beautifully.

_MG_1186 _MG_1188_MG_1191 _MG_1194
Take your ramekins out of the fridge and fill them will the mousse. (Don’t be confused if the pictures switch between porcelain and glass, I simply didn’t have enough regular ramekins. And I forgot to take a photo of filling these.)
Bake for about 8 – 15 minutes, depending on your oven and on how cooked you want them to be. I preferred 8 minutes.

Take the soufflés out of the oven and immediately serve and more immediately take a photo because otherwise they will sink in, and your picture won’t be as impressive, just like


Dig right in (See the way the crust doesn’t break into a thousand pieces but is still crisp?) and –

oh my glob. Look at this. And now eat it.
If the picture isn’t enough for you: It was like biting a warm, chocolatey cloud that melts away as soon as your tongue touches it. It was like pure heaven. Which is why I suggest you should try this, too.


Chocolate Soufflés
(makes 4 small ones)
ingredients: directions:
1 Tbsp butter
60g dark chocolate, chopped (or chocolate chips)
1 egg yolk
2 egg whites
30g granulated sugar
Preheat your oven to 190°C.
Melt the chocolate together with the butter and stir until smooth. Let cool für about 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, butter your ramekins, sprinkle them with sugar and put them into the fridge.
Beat the eggwhites until they form soft peaks, add the sugar in two parts and beat until stiff peaks form.
Combine the chocolate mixture and the egg yolk.
Carefully fold in the egg whites, from bottom to top, until you get a smooth mousse (slightly runny).
Fill your ramekins and bake them for 8-15 minutes at 190°C.
Take them out, dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately.

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