My slightly extravagant Birthday Cake

This year I decided to make myself a birthday cake. A decent birthday cake. A slightly exaggerated birthday cake perhaps. It turned out to be „the most beautiful cake“ my friend had ever seen (she’s so cute!), more like a wedding cake than a birthday cake, and even I was a little impressed with what I had done. It wasn’t as much work as I thought it would be (I estimated four full days), but I actually had so much fun making all the sugar flowers that I probably didn’t even notice the hours passing by…

I have mostly spent the last month researching everything about gumpaste, veiners, florist tape and modelling tools. The first sugar roses I made ended up on top of the wedding cake I made for my sister’s friend in September. But I knew I could do better, and so I decided to put a sugar-flower-bouquet on top of my birthday cake. Good thing is, last week, a cute little shop for cake decoration opened almost directly next to my boyfriend’s apartment. Coincidence?

I don’t remember ever making a cake for my birthday, but this year, since my parents weren’t at home, I had to. Or I wouldn’t have gotten any cake. And for me, that would have been a disaster.

The inside were three layers of Devil’s Food cake and peanut butter SMB. Which I totally put too much salt in. Which wasn’t as much a disaster as no cake at all, but I was really disappointed with myself. Well, at least it looked pretty!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of what the cake looked like inside.

And I don’t have a recipe for you this time. I just wanted to show off a bit. Sorry!
Someday, if I have really much time, I will make gumpaste flowers again, and I will document every step in beautiful pictures for you. So that you can follow easily and make sugar flowers yourself :) But this time I simply couldn’t. Because my boyfriend took his camera with him to Majorca. And just returned on my birthday. Sorry again!



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