I’m Ines.
I’m daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend and student. And I love baking.
My secret dream is to own a little beautiful café, serve cupcakes, waffles and cake and make my customers‘ days with lots of nice little details :) From time to time I tend to phantasize about which dishes and furniture I would use, what I would serve, and how pretty and lovely it all would be. As this is probably rather unlikely to happen, I keep this little blog, living my dream on a small scale. I’ll try to share some beauty and deliciousness with you here, perhaps I will make you smile, or even try out a new recipe :)

Feel free to ask, share, comment and wish for anything you like.


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    1. Liebe Ursula,

      vielen Dank! :) Das freut mich sehr!
      Auf youtube bin ich leider nicht zu finden…
      Du kannst mir aber auf Pinterest und Instagram folgen (die Links findest du unten).

      Viele liebe Grüße aus Hamburg! :)

      Gefällt mir

  1. knuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuffknuff… sagte ich schon knuff? Jedenfalls ist dein Blog zuckersüß! Mach weiter so :)

    Gefällt 1 Person

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