I have always somehow been drawn to French pâtisserie and to France itself, although I’ve never been there (except when I was still a cute little girl with short hair that one time made my friend think I was a boy, which was the only reason he played with me… true story). Which is why I finally made these. And of course because they’re absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Be warned: they are a little time-consuming. Éclairs weiterlesen

Chocolate Chip Scones

This has become one of my basic recipes. They’re perfect if you crave for something chocolatey, but not as sweet and moist as muffins. Or if you just need something for breakfast (or tea) and don’t have a lot of time for preparing. Serve them while they’re still warm, along with some freshly whipped cream (although originally it’s clotted cream) and homemade strawberry jam, and you’ll want to eat the whole batch. I got the idea from my friend, she has spent one year in England and made them herself a couple of times. Chocolate Chip Scones weiterlesen

cantuccini e espresso

Cantuccini all’arrancia

Our Italian instructor Lorenza brought cantuccini to class last tuesday. They were so good that I ate 6 of them, and that I decided to make some myself one day later. Regular cantuccini are made with almond-extract (you know the taste of Amaretto?), but I wanted them to taste fresh and citrusy, as spring is on its way here in Germany… So I made cantuccini all’arrancia, with orange zest and juice. Cantuccini all’arrancia weiterlesen